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This could be a way of remembering their names (in alphabetical order & with a song)



« You know little girl, this probably wouldn’t have happened if you had had your own gun to shoot back with »

(Tu sais  petite,  ceci ne serait sans doute pas arrivé si tu avais eu ton propre révolver pour te défendre)

newspaper headlines :   « First grader shoots another first grader »

(voc.  gun : revolver – shoot : tirer – 1st grade = age 6 and 7 –  rifle : carabine)

NRA = National Rifle Association (= pro gun association)

Watch this video extract from Bowling for Columbine a film by Michael Moore :

bowling for ColumbineLINK TO THE FILM


school tableSchool in Britain video (easy English + subtitles!) :

WOODSTOCK POSTER          Here is a good slideshow I have found for you: have a look, it will give you an overview (une vue d’ensemble) of the famous concert :


[+ sur UTube un aperçu de l’ambiance à Woodstock]



I’ve found an informative/educational slideshow about the Amish.  Have a look at it to know more about them. 35 slides but they are mainly photos.