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Find out about Whitby goth weekend by having a look at Martin Parr‘s blog : here and Alan Moore’s article about Whitby’s Dracula connections: here.

Examples of Martin Parr’s photos :

A cool song to listen to when you have finished your work. The clip was shot in Whitby.


Ce diaporama nécessite JavaScript.

Here’s a link to different sites about Victorian times.

 instructions :
VICTORIAN BRITAIN Choose the site : BBC Primary History Victorian Britain : How did children live in Victorian Times?
  1. Main page : select an area to explore
  2. Read the facts
  3. Go to "activities" (at the bottom of the page) :
> do the quiz for each area > do the interactive activities (Victorian Children – at work, school and play) 4. If time : go back to the main page (Children in Victorian Britain) and do the Time Capsule game (on the right, at the top of the page)

The Rights of Women in Victorian Times  : do this quiz

I bet you have no idea how silly the London Marathon can be.  

We all know Brits have their quirky sense of humour.   Sure most of it is childish and a little over the top but I get a chuckle (= a laugh)  now and then. You have no idea so many people ran this many miles in ridiculous costumes, did you?  Are there costumed people in the New York or Boston marathons?  Certainly not mobs of them. 

Check out these costumes at this year’s London Marathon:

school tableSchool in Britain video (easy English + subtitles!) :

Scottish icons

Can you identify all the Scottish icons you can see above?


Just in case you didn’t know the difference between England, Great Britain and the UK (United Kingdom)…

Take away (enlever) Northern Ireland  and you are left with Great Britain or just Britain.

(If you add (ajouter)  the republic of Ireland (Eire) you have the British Isles)

… here is a map :

United Kingdom



The following are the English flag, the Welsh flag and the Scottish flag :

Flag of EnglandWales = Pays de GallesScotland = Ecosse


here are the emblems of England, Wales and Scotland :

English rosedaffodilthisthle


I’ve selected 3 other slideshows about Britain, one of them in particular can be useful to the Term when they study the text « I am British »



« When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life. » (Samuel Johnson)

Tube map

A good site to visit if you are planning a trip to London :


a quizz about London : Quiz–London-Landmarks

Discover London… here is a slide show  with nice views of the city :

Just 2 things :

  1. Big Ben is the nickname (surnom) for the big bell (cloche) of the clock .
  2.  There is a King’s College in London and  in Cambridge but the photo here is King’s College, Cambridge (the river you can see is the river Cam!).





This week we are going to explore WWII – Follow the instructions on your worksheet : WW2 BBC– 

Here is the site you will need : http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/primaryhistory/world_war2/

you can click on WWII (in the links on the left) to find a (small) selection of links about how people, and children especially, lived during WWII.


+you can listen to  an extract from Narnia



Following a presentation by a student  in TermL, I thought I would post this…

The British have a long tradition of children’s books.  It all started with Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll , and it is also an example of English non-sense. 

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland illustrated by Arthur Rackham

Jefferson Airplane, a band in the sixties was inspired by the story so they wrote and sang White Rabbit :

Link to the song


Icons of England

 Choose three (or more) icons, depending on how big your group is. Your task is to present them to the class. Use a slide show (diaporama) to illustrate your presentation.       

!!! Don’t just copy & paste* (copier et coller)          

Use simple and clear English so that the others can understand easily.  You may have to select the most interesting facts, but give some details and unusual anecdotes or trivia.


tip : you will need a dictionary, so open a new window.