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Dear future generations : sorry

« If we do not fight to save the environment, we will be equally extinct. »

Gobal Warming

What’s this?

sculp-floating-down-thames-past-h-of-p-and-to-remind-mps-of-global-warming1Sculptures of polar bears floating down the Thames (Tamise) and past the Houses of Parliament in London as part of a promotion for a TV programme and to remind MPs (=Members of Parliament) of global warming*.

*réchauffement climatique

Test your vocabulary: BBC crossword (n°1) about the environment

Crossword n°2


Carbon Footprint


(voc. carbon footprint  =  empreinte carbone = your impact on the environment)

Here is a link to 11 short funny videos with a serious message which give you some useful tips (conseils utiles) to save the planet : for example why you shouldn’t eat  too much meat. …

The animals save the planet

« The more meat we eat, the more cows there are  producing greenhouse gases »

(« Plus on mange de viande, plus il y a de vaches qui produisent des gaz à effet de serre. »)

😉  My favourite is the penguin  and the polar bear…

have fun!

Laughing Out Loud

Here is the visual document that you have to present:

Endangered Earth

DOC. Endangered Earth