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Find out about Whitby goth weekend by having a look at Martin Parr‘s blog : here and Alan Moore’s article about Whitby’s Dracula connections: here.

Examples of Martin Parr’s photos :

A cool song to listen to when you have finished your work. The clip was shot in Whitby.


 by Banksy :


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Here’s a link to different sites about Victorian times.

 instructions :
VICTORIAN BRITAIN Choose the site : BBC Primary History Victorian Britain : How did children live in Victorian Times?
  1. Main page : select an area to explore
  2. Read the facts
  3. Go to "activities" (at the bottom of the page) :
> do the quiz for each area > do the interactive activities (Victorian Children – at work, school and play) 4. If time : go back to the main page (Children in Victorian Britain) and do the Time Capsule game (on the right, at the top of the page)

The Rights of Women in Victorian Times  : do this quiz

Ramone Bosco is a graphic novel by an artist, Alexander Jansson, whose work I really like.

Take a peek (= have a look) :

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Steinbeck’s book is still relevant today > click here : In Steinbeck’s footsteps

(You’ll find the audio file of the video documentary in the audio Box under « Terminale » at the bottom of the page)

 The Grapes of Wrath:  (Les Raisins de la Colère)  is a beautiful film made about that period and based on Steinbeck’s novel.

Pour savoir comment prononcer « WRATH », cliquez ici

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OZ = Australia -Down Under – This is the English name of a land long inhabited by Aboriginals alone.  Aboriginal art is still very much alive and appreciated around the world.

 here is a link to  another similar slideshow by somebody else  ***

Listen to Native American music in the audio box (open the « Ethnic music » folder)

Following a presentation by a student  in TermL, I thought I would post this…

The British have a long tradition of children’s books.  It all started with Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll , and it is also an example of English non-sense. 

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland illustrated by Arthur Rackham

Jefferson Airplane, a band in the sixties was inspired by the story so they wrote and sang White Rabbit :

Link to the song


KING LEAR and the FOOL in the storm - William DyceIn the short story we are studying there are some literary references.  KING LEAR  is one of them.

This painting is part of the 4 freedoms by Norman Rockwell (1943). These paintings were inspired by President F.D. Roosevelt ‘s 4 Freedoms  speech to Congress in 1941.

   + Norman Rockwell’s Four Freedoms  ***

CLICK HERE TO GET THE ORIGINAL + SPOOF VERSION : Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving and spoof   

The 1930s

lunch atop a skyscraper circa 1932 by Charles C. Ebbets

lunch atop a skyscraper circa 1932 by Charles C. Ebbets

 The decade when many skyscrapers were built in New York, among which, the famous Empire State Building (1931)  –                                       (skyscraper = gratte-ciel)

king kong on top of the Empire State Building

 King Kong on top of the Empire State building.

City  life :

Roadblock  by Norman ROCKWELL         >> View big version of the painting

       NIGHTHAWKS  by Edward HOPPER


  >>>>   Visit galleries dedicated to these artists  


seaman« WHAT SHALL WE DO WITH A DRUNKEN SAILOR, early in the morning? … Hurrey and up she rises,hurrey and up she rises … »

Sur un  air traditionnel Irlandais cette chanson très célèbre  était chantée lorsque les marins levaient l’ancre ou hissaient une voile (« and Up She Rises »).

master & commander  Les marins, qui avaient la vie très dure à l’époque, la chantaient pour se donner du courage.  Peut-être que l’équipage du célèbre  CAPTAIN COOK, le grand explorateur, la chantait car elle était autorisée par la Royal Navy.

[Ex. sur les temps à partir de la vie de  James Cook]

.  On peut aussi imaginer la chasse à Moby Dick sur cet air là: 

MD illustrated  by Rockwell Kent

MD illustrated by Rockwell Kent

Voici une version des Irish Rovers, mais il y a d’autres versions…


Autre idée de lecture si vous aimez la fantasy :  Ship of Magic


This is the sort of atmosphere where I could imagine SHERLOCK HOLMES  investigating a murder…

Discover a wonderful painter…

–  John Atkinson GRIMSHAW  (1836-1893)  –



Just a joke :
Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson are camping in a forest.  They put up a tent under the stars and go to sleep.  In the middle of the night, Holmes wakes Watson up.
« Watson – look up at the stars and tell me what you deduce. »
Watson says : »I see millions of stars.  And even if a few of those have planets, it’s very possible there are some planets like Earth.  And if there are a few planets like Earth out there, there might also be life. »
* Merlock Sholmes* * * 
<<<< Have some fun while you revise the time with Merlock Holmes : Time Bomb (game)
+ A lot more  about SHERLOCK HOLMES 

THE  » ROARING TWENTIES« / THE JAZZ AGE : watch the slide show to know why  this painting by Thomas Hart Benton is emblematic of the era:

  •  the « flapper »  
  • the Jazz age
  • the Cotton Club
  • Speakeasies