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listening comprehension

To practice your listening comprehension use the link in the right margin.

Start reading and listening to videos and interviews in English. Just a few minutes every day!

Here are a few links to help you

The British Council website has a video zone where you will find videos on lots of different topics and also listening skills practice (choose B1 or B2)

The BBC website has a “6 minute English” series with extremely varied topics that will help you learn lots of new vocabulary

Film English is a website with short films in English

Do you speak Globish?

English drives me crazy!

Do you find English difficult?

Learning Globish (simple but correct English) is perhaps the solution for you :

Here is a useful site  :

Word Games

start with the double negative game :

write a story :


Play the game and solve the mystery  HERE



This could be a way of remembering their names (in alphabetical order & with a song)


John Wyndham & Mark Salwowski

Ramone Bosco is a graphic novel by an artist, Alexander Jansson, whose work I really like.

Take a peek (= have a look) :

Si vous prenez l’anglais au 2ème tour, jetez un coup d’oeil aux conseils pour l’oral. (cf. l’onglet : « Révisions bac (méthodologie) » tout à fait en haut).


P.S. Si vous avez des questions n’hésitez pas à me contacter sur ce blog.

Listen to the programme again (click on the picture : full version):

Their fight for the vote

Check out these links and learn a bit more about Victorian women’s rights (game)  (VOC. « launch the game » = lancez le jeu) or check out women’s history with the BBC timeline (chronologie) (with photos)  from 1900 to now :  CLICK HERE ! 

 BBC CROSSWORD about women


Have a look at these documents concerning this sequence :


Back to school!








voc.  a whole paragraph : tout un §/un § entier –  fair : juste –that much : autant –  besides : à part (ici)

cheshire cat

If you enjoyed Frankenweenie, you might like this !

 Except that instead of a dog, it’s a freakish (= very strange) cat and it’s not fiction…


VOC. :  strange = bizarre = odd = weird



flag of Canada - the maple leaf

This is a slide show showing beautiful pictures of the Canadian landscape and animals:


Do you know what a flash mob* is?  This one took place in Liverpool Street Station in London. Here is a demonstration :

*and here is a definition, just in case.

Actually, it looks like a flash mob, but is it really one? See how well they dance?  Not surprising, it is an advertisement (or a commercial)…

voc.  advert = pub (advertisement / commercial : publicité) –   commuters : people who have to travel to London to work everyday.


Just in case you didn’t know the difference between England, Great Britain and the UK (United Kingdom)…

Take away (enlever) Northern Ireland  and you are left with Great Britain or just Britain.

(If you add (ajouter)  the republic of Ireland (Eire) you have the British Isles)

… here is a map :

United Kingdom



The following are the English flag, the Welsh flag and the Scottish flag :

Flag of EnglandWales = Pays de GallesScotland = Ecosse


here are the emblems of England, Wales and Scotland :

English rosedaffodilthisthle


I’ve selected 3 other slideshows about Britain, one of them in particular can be useful to the Term when they study the text « I am British »



😦 😦 😦 …

I miss my lung

"Mon poumon me manque, Bob"

This is a spoof ad of a famous tobacco company which tries to glamorize smoking. 

 You don’t really want to smoke this do you? 


 what’s your poison ?

ADBUSTERS who are fighting against « mental pollution » (= ads) have many other spoof ads like this one. Their TV spots are sometimes censored (censuré).

censored TV spots


Buy nothing Christmas

They campaign for a No Shopping Day and a Slow Down Week :

Slow Down!




On BBC News : several videos covering the event :

Obama’s VICTORY SPEECH with full text

Black Americans‘ reactions to the  election


 most frequently used words in the speech : 


 (click to enlarge)

The song for the campaign : « YES, WE CAN » by

MC yogi’s video clip to support Obama’s campaign :

                                    SECURITY vs FREEDOM

>>>>>>> animation here : liberty.swf <<<<<<<<<<<<<

🙂 corrigé de la traduction >>>>>  corrige-immigration (PDF)

Learn more about the statue while doing an oral comprehension :  STATUE OF LIBERTY