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I bet you have no idea how silly the London Marathon can be.  

We all know Brits have their quirky sense of humour.   Sure most of it is childish and a little over the top but I get a chuckle (= a laugh)  now and then. You have no idea so many people ran this many miles in ridiculous costumes, did you?  Are there costumed people in the New York or Boston marathons?  Certainly not mobs of them. 

Check out these costumes at this year’s London Marathon:

all the BBC games for kids

British Council language games : Learn English Kids

You might enjoy a few minutes’ relaxation with Shaun the Sheep.  There’s a BBC site where you can play some games (OK it’s for children, but aren’t we all big kids?)! Click on Shaun to get there.

WARNING! don’t spend too much time playing or play some history games and learn something : go the the GAMES page (above) – You’ll find more BBC games there.

… because an elephant never forgets!

Voc. to tease : taquiner ( se moquer de).

I found a good slide show showing the dangers of being a computer addict. Have a look!

I bet you knew that already ! Well, this just goes to prove it.

Do you know what a flash mob* is?  This one took place in Liverpool Street Station in London. Here is a demonstration :

*and here is a definition, just in case.

Actually, it looks like a flash mob, but is it really one? See how well they dance?  Not surprising, it is an advertisement (or a commercial)…

voc.  advert = pub (advertisement / commercial : publicité) –   commuters : people who have to travel to London to work everyday.



Ce diaporama nécessite JavaScript.

 This was the nickname (surnom) given to Agatha Christie, here is a very simple exercise to do on line about the subject : MYSTERY QUEEN EXERCISE (it’s an extract from the text that we have studied)

Agatha Christie est assez facile à lire si vous voulez vous entraîner à lire en anglais.


Laughing Out Loud  and now for something completely different : Agatha Christie’s SKETCH by Monty Phyton.  There are no subtitles so it could be difficult to understand.


Charlie Chaplin’s unforgettable « table ballet »  in the film The Gold Rush (La ruée vers l’or) (1925)

😦  Petite note moins amusante:

La ruée vers l’or au 19ème siècle précipita l’extermination des Indiens sur le continent nord Américain…