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An interesting film to  watch :

Le cinéaste Robert Kane Pappas utilise les concepts Orwelliens de « double langage » et de « guerre sans fin » pour décrypter la situation actuelle. VO sous-titrée.  Documentaire de Robert Kane Pappas, 2004.
1h 45mn

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1984 by George Orwell,  a visionary book written in 1948:

The books are available here in English & inFrench

Here’s the trailer :

Extra information :

In London there is a « blue plaque » on the buildings where famous people used to live. On BBC learning English you can do a comprehension exercise about George Orwell with also some audio:  George Orwell

George Orwell

here is a quizz about G. Orwell

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Books & films inspired by 1984

Terry Gilliam’s visionary film :


« It’s only a state of mind… »


V for Vendetta :

V for Vendettavendetta

which was adapted from a graphic novel (roman graphique = longue B.D.) by Alan Moore :

V for vendetta



Charlotte Brontë



 Emily Brontë



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A site that will give you lots of information about Wuthering Heights :

If you have problems remembering all the characters and places, here is the site you can consult :

A poor boy of unknown origins is rescued from poverty and taken in by the Earnshaw family where he develops an intense relationship with his young foster sister, Cathy…

to read the book on line :

or listen to the audio version on Youtube : chapter 3 :

you can also find audio summaries (plus accessible):


List of Wuthering Heights references to help you find a personal document :

Reviews from the Guardian :

John Wyndham & Mark Salwowski

Here is an animated presentation of SHAKESPEARE, so you can learn a few things about him. There might be some difficult vocabulary, but give it a try (cliquez sur CC pour les sous-titres):



Voici un article du magazine Télérama intitulé « Ils eurent tellement faim… »

 concernant le livre « Hard Times » de Studs Terkel :

book page

(version PDF plus lisible: cliquez sur l’image ci-dessus)

The 3 Witches by Fuseli

« By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes ». « Open locks, whoever knocks! … »

« Mon pouce me pique et me dit que s’approche quelque maudit ».  « Ouvrez, verrous, à quiconque frappe chez nous  » 

(Macbeth – act IV, scene I – Shakespeare)

>   Did you know ?  <

The title of  the book by Ray Bradbury  Something Wicked This Way Comes  – (La foire des ténèbres in French) –  is in fact a quotation from Macbeth, the famous play by Shakespeare.    At the beginning of the play, 1 of the  3 witches says it, just before Macbeth appears.

Shock horror!

Voici l’extrait en question pour les amateurs de théâtre (2ème  minute environ):

VOC.  wicked = nasty = evil : mauvais (malfaisant)


   Here are the four book covers in colour of one of the activities of the new sequence : 

      4 book covers

Terminales L : remember the reference to this novel by Thomas Hardy in the short story that we are studying at the moment? You can view here some of the pictures from the BBC adaptation of the novel (we don’t see the letter scene in this « trailer » but, anyway, it will give you an idea of the atmosphere of the novel)

– Nice soundtrack*, I think… :                                                         (*bande son)


> « SPOILER » : quand vous voyez ce mot, cela veut dire que la fin est révélée (cela vient du verbe spoil/spoilt/spoilt = gâcher) : you have been warned!

KING LEAR and the FOOL in the storm - William DyceIn the short story we are studying there are some literary references.  KING LEAR  is one of them.

Charles Dickens

click on picture

Learn about Charles Dickens and play a game


A Christmas Carol (Un chant de Noël ou Cantique de Noël) is just the story to read at Christmas.   French Version


+ Version anglaise simplifiée : < ICI > avec Exercices de compréhension.


Learn some Dickensian vocabulary with the BBC teacher here