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Save Earth Ecology poster for environment design

Safety Poster - 9 Ways You Can Be An Environmental Custodian -


Here are a few links that might help you with your personal document :

Apocalypse Now poster.jpg

Images from the graphic novel version :

There is another article entitled « Lord of the Flies »



Article written by Margaret Emerson.

It will give you food for thought for your oral :

ORAL BAC : expression

Quelques videos utiles pour préparer votre oral , disponibles sur le site  France TV Education :


Celle-ci est la première (je vous conseille d’aller sur le site de France TV éducation pour sélectionner celles que vous voulez visionner):


The Raven

The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe read by Christopher Lee :

Here is a short video telling you about the elements of gothic literature :

What was the Underground Railroad?

Learn about it and do a listening comprehension (video + gap filling exercise) :


listening comprehension

To practice your listening comprehension use the link in the right margin.

Start reading and listening to videos and interviews in English. Just a few minutes every day!

Here are a few links to help you

The British Council website has a video zone where you will find videos on lots of different topics and also listening skills practice (choose B1 or B2)

The BBC website has a “6 minute English” series with extremely varied topics that will help you learn lots of new vocabulary

Film English is a website with short films in English

Anti-social network?

« Can we auto-correct humanity? »

Are we losing our humanity because of new technologies ?



Here is a video using the theme of the Suffragettes to illustrate the notion  Myths & Heroes (source France TV éducation) :

« If we do not fight to save the environment, we will be equally extinct. »

Find out about Whitby goth weekend by having a look at Martin Parr‘s blog : here and Alan Moore’s article about Whitby’s Dracula connections: here.

Examples of Martin Parr’s photos :

A cool song to listen to when you have finished your work. The clip was shot in Whitby.



I. Extracts from Strangers on a Train :

1) Opening sequence :

2) A perfect murder :


+ 2ème tour : cliquez sur l’onglet expression orale (ci-dessus)

N’oubliez pas de consulter l’onglet « BAC (conseils) »

France TV education vous propose des vidéos de conseils pour présenter les notions à l’oral :

Do you speak Globish?

English drives me crazy!

Do you find English difficult?

Learning Globish (simple but correct English) is perhaps the solution for you :

Here is a useful site  :

Robots vs Humans

Idée de Progrès : for other documents click on the tag (in the margin)

Real Humans is  a Swedish science fiction/drama series set in an alternate version of modern-day Sweden where humanoid robot workers and servants are widespread.

Word Games

start with the double negative game :

write a story :


Play the game and solve the mystery  HERE



What if?


Here is a BBC News link : internet surfers have sent their vision of the future to the BBC

Here is the full video (without subtitles, I’m afraid) :